torsdag, februar 11, 2016

Still on the ship.......

Here I am in Madagascar of all places on earth 😄. We have been here for some time now. We was meant to go to Guinea in 2015 but Ebola came there. Then they change it to Benin, but still too risky. So we ended in Tamatave, Madagascar.

My job on the ship is still the same. Doing air conditioning,freezers and fridges. This week I have been working on the oxygen to the hospital. I'm still doing a lot of sheet metal work for the dock of air comming in to the ship.

søndag, januar 12, 2014

More duckting......

I was going to change the filter box on this air duct ,but ended up replace the entire system. Except of the cooling coil.
 The old duct was rusted away from the inside.
 I clean it as best as I could.


lørdag, september 28, 2013

Behind us today.

torsdag, september 26, 2013

CT-scanner room

The CT scanner room is getting to hot , so I made a new duckt to suck away more of the hot air.

The duckt I made.
It's up in the siling in the scanner room and working ... Not that good theat I was hoping for .. but still two degres down. Maybe if we put a bigger extraction fan ....
My litle shop... =)

onsdag, august 07, 2013

In two days we are there.

Congo Brazzaville/Port Noire
My new backyard for the next ten months.
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tirsdag, juli 30, 2013


 The Africa Mercy is heading for Congo-Brazzaville! On the way, we’re going to take a trip down memory lane as we sail past the 11 countries Mercy Ships has served in West Africa since 1990; we can’t wait to share the highlights of the last 38 field services and we want to hear from you! Share stories about your experience with Mercy Ships by using the tag #sailwithus on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

søndag, juni 30, 2013


We are getting new walk in refrigerator in the galley
Nothing like train track going true the wards.

A new CT- scanner ( second hand )

a new sink for the OR.

The views from the pilot enterens.