lørdag, september 18, 2010


The most of the crew left the ship wild we are in shipyard . They are living at Appelsbosch 90 minutes drive from the ship.

The crew leaving for Appelsbosch

In shipyard the workers are working 24-7 so every night I get to sleep to a hammer banging on the deck below wail a grinder going all the time. Sins they are taking out the generators we don't have to much power. So no air condition :)

Here they starting to take away the harbor generators .

On Tuesday the 21 we are going to dry dock . There they will cut a hole in the side of the ship and take out whats left of the generators. There is six generators going out and fore new one going in. It sons very easy ....right , but there is all kinds of tanks,pipes and wires in the way.


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