søndag, januar 21, 2007

Making braids..............haha........

The girls love to play with my beard.

Looking good.


To day I'm going to the orphanage again. I was there last week also , trying to help this girl(Gloria) with here arm. She has ben doing some exersise wil I was home on holiday , so the arm is looking alitle bit better now , that is so good.
Her fingers got burned long time ago and after that she have hold her arm up to her chest. The arm is working fine , but she havent youst it for a long time so is stif and week.She is always afraid wen I'm sretching her arm

lørdag, januar 20, 2007

Last Blue Java..............for a long time...

Last night home I spend on Frk. Larsen With some friends. That's my favorit coffee place. And my favorit coffee is Blue Java.
Now I'm Back in Africa ,Ghana with www.mercyships.org

torsdag, januar 11, 2007

Fun night with Signe

On monday I was with my best frind, She had problems wit one of her teef. So I was with here to the dentist to operait it out. I was there taking pictures.....haha . I dont think she think it was so funny as me.

Later we went to a stoar '' biltema'' she neded new brakes for here car. Here brother change them for here. In her fathers garage. Then I got to meet here fater to.

lørdag, januar 06, 2007

The best night

To night I had the best night at home. I was up in a smal cabin. Just one room with a fire place in the mitle. Barbeque and making toast on the fire.

Børge ,Silje and Signe

Thenks to ewerybody ho was there tonoght.

Signe's mam was on the radio. She had games , we had to find the right ansverd and cal the radio. And guess out I WAN .......... a game of free bowling in Evje bowling.....haha . Evje is a smal place outside my town were Signe is living.

my feet

fredag, januar 05, 2007


Now I'm sitting in my mams kitchen (drinking coffee) looking out the window. Otside is clody and 4 degres celsius. I think I,ll go to town to my favorit coffee bar read the paper and do nothing. Tonight I going to Signe , my best friend from the ship. She lives just 40 minits from me.
I really looking forword to go back to the ship and Africa. I's just six days left, then I'm back. The hollyday at home have been good and relaxing.