onsdag, mai 30, 2007

past on the torch today.....

Her you see Garry Parker sending the torch from Anastasis over to the Africa Mercy.Don Sephans is in the other end. So now they officell taken over. We also send the cross ho was in the bau on the Anastasis ,they wil put it on the bau of the Afriva Mercy

Pasing the torch.

The cross in the bau.

Ths is from the sail in 2005

tirsdag, mai 29, 2007

More Africa Mercy

Starbucks cafe

Starbucks sponserd us with all the caffee.

onsdag, mai 23, 2007

The box is here.....I meen Africa Mercy

Africa Mercy com today .They docked next to us , on the same pir. The ship is renovatet from a railway ferry to a hospital ship so the most of it inside is new. And it realy look like a ferry. I gues it will take some time to make it look like a home.

Me and and my best friend Lucy outdide the box.

søndag, mai 20, 2007

The roof the roof..............

The roof is on.

torsdag, mai 17, 2007

Last comunetymeeting.

Last word has ben spoken..... now it is over . I feelt the room was wery quiet after all the pople left today.The room were we had so much fun so many good spikers were I meet God again and again................I cant name it all ......right now it's just wery sad.

.............we do eweryting for the last time on the ship now.................

17. May

To day it was the Norwegian independensday. After this pose we walked in a parade all three of us...........haha

søndag, mai 13, 2007

Super saturday

On saturday we had som funny games going on on the ship. We had teams of four people.

Here they had to make sandwich with the feet and serv the other person with the feet also.

Here they making a scolpture

This one it's much more funny if you ask me.

søndag, mai 06, 2007

Africa mercy

Here is the newe ship. Right now live from Roterdam.


Now they are gone. They sailed today 08.05.07 kl 15:00.Hedding for Tennerife for to days before they are sailng done here to Monrovia/Liberia. They wil be here the 21 may.


Thursday's screening went well, with lines kept down by nurses pre-screening those in line for anyone who whose condition we don't treat.

tirsdag, mai 01, 2007

we getting there.......




Boys dorm + school

for the latrine