fredag, juli 27, 2012


All the pipes is back inn and not leaking =)

                                                               The testing has begun.

Next week the chiller pipes will be isolated. Then it should be ready for the next field service in Guinea.

søndag, juli 22, 2012

Out of drydock

We are back i Tenerife after some days in dry dock in las Palmas /Gran Canaria.

Leaving Las Palmas

Here in Santa Cruz it's sunny and more then 35 degrees. I'm glad we atleest have some of the air condition turned back on.

onsdag, juli 04, 2012

we have a hole in the side of the ship...

The new carrier come today

and they cut the hole in the side.

all the pipe's is already out. So now it's just to get the old system out and the new in. Then we can begin to put the pipes back, when we still remember were they go =)

Pulling the ship out of water