fredag, august 31, 2007

Stein Are

Stein are was here from sunday to monday.........

torsdag, august 30, 2007

aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.........I miss them so much

If enyone have pictures from Fatima orpanage ................I wold love to see them

tirsdag, august 28, 2007

MC Rally

There were ca 1500 bikers on the rally. I was there helping my old club ( Holy Rider's) with the coffee tent.

We hended out free coffee.

Silly games

The winner had 18 boxes ,ca 9m hight

On my way home


My frien have the rafting as a job so he invted me try it. The boat ca 25 feet and two engen's with 350 hors power. The wave was ca 1.5 m

That was so much fun

onsdag, august 15, 2007

The sail.

The was the longest sail ewer done with the Anastasis. We had problems all the way from the begining to the end, cas of the bad oil we got in Monrowia. The engen stoped more then ones. So the 24 days turnd in to 6 weeks. 6 weeks of tunel wotch.......haha

Everyting went well in the end.

After a long time on see you get wery creative.


Thanks to ewerybody ho was on the sail and ewertbody ho prayed for us.