søndag, juli 31, 2011


waiting for the pation to arrive

Operation room No.3 have condensation in the siling ? We must find out why ?

The last weeks I have been working most of the time with Jeff and the work have been air condition

.Trying to find out how this is working. Why have some disconnect all together.

I also made some cooling fort one of the new generators. The Job turned out easy. There was a went pipe in the siling ho was not in use. I attached a tube to that one and led the air to the generator.

onsdag, juli 27, 2011

Banana Island

Last weekend we went to Banana Island . That's a island south of Freetown. The rain was poring down the hole time we was there , except of two ours on Sunday. It still was good to go there and be away from the ship for some time.

The Island is so beautiful with rain forest and nice beaches . We was 15 people from the ship ( 7 Norwegians ) sleeping in cabins by the beach.

The only downer was the trip back to the ship in the car. I was driving and the muffler for the exhaust exploded. We had to stop and weld it at alocal shop =( it took us fore hours to get home insted of one and a half hours and we missed dinner.

søndag, juli 17, 2011


Today it's Sunday. I'm the duty plumber. It's raining outside.

fredag, juli 15, 2011

of ?

I'm of today. Every six week we have a long weekend. I dont realy know what to do. The weter is overcast with some rain and some sun inbetween. Maybe I'll go for a walk in town or pooldeck or ...............

Ok pooldeck for now =)

tirsdag, juli 12, 2011

I'm back...

I'm back in Sierra Leone. ;)

onsdag, juli 06, 2011

Skjærgårds Music & Misson

This week i'm on a stand for Mercy Ships at Skjærgårds music & misson.