mandag, august 27, 2012

From Santa Cruz to Conakry.

The Africa Mercy in Tenerife the day before we start sailing to Guinea, Conakry.

Bye bye Tenerife ......

    Sunset on the West cost of Africa.

Sailing in to Conakry,Guinea.

The kids on the ship maid the Guinea flag.

A local military matching band from Guinea . They played wen we com arrived.

torsdag, august 23, 2012

Trike - Mike

I met a guy on the dock in Tenerife ho built his one trike.
Mike is from Germany but he live in Fuerteventura.
Alvays funn to meet bikers around the world.

fredag, august 17, 2012

I'm trying to uplode some pictures from the sail but the sistem dos not work at the moment.


torsdag, august 16, 2012

Getting the last fuel......

We just got the last fuel before the sail to Guinea.

onsdag, august 08, 2012


Sins we don't have a plumber and a hotel engineer at the moment me and Tim have bean doing all the jobs on the hotel side. Long ours : /

I think it's time to change shirt Tim :)

torsdag, august 02, 2012

AC room 10


Tacking out an old chilled water coil in AC room 10. I will also rebilt the filter box so we can fet the new disposable filters.

I hope this will make it beter for the pople living on deck 2

The new coil

Control room

The AC in the control rom went down yesterday. We find a leak and I had to recower al the refigirant before fixing the leak. It's back on now and working :)

Deck 2 chillers

All the pipes are insulated and the system is up and running fine.

NO Tim it's not a big marshmallow.....