fredag, juni 18, 2010

Cleaning heater coil.....

The last weeks we have been cleaning heater coil's for the a/c . We are not using them anymore , but they are still in the system and full of dirt. We open up one and find out that the air did not go true . So after cleaning them with a power washer we nearly got to much air flow. So far we have clean 8 , and there is plenty to go.



tirsdag, juni 01, 2010

Swimming pool.

This is our new swimming pool on the ship. The its just one problem ... the waves . The pool is made so it goes across the ship , it should have been with the length of the ship.

Pipe leaking.

We fixed a leaking pipe today. Up on deck 7 , fresh water line. The pipes are 31 year old same as the ship.

This is the inside of the pipe . It dos not look that fresh anymore.