torsdag, desember 17, 2009

The end of this field sevice in Benin.

Here is some numbers of what we have done this last 10 months in Benin.

231 orthopedic operations.

996 re constructive and plastic surgeries.

185 cleft lip and palate repairs.

1161 general surgeries.

2 local surgeons trained.

3521 cataracts removed.

570 other eye surgeries (pterygia and stabismus ).

2 local eye surgeons trained.

33851 e7e evaluations and other treatments.

7083 pairs of sunglasses distributed.

5689 pairs of reading glasses distributed.

18 community eye field workers trained.

154 obstetric fistulas repaired.

4 local surgeons trained in fistula repair.

10175 dental patients

28 patients received palliative home care.

6 Burkitts Lymphoma patients received palliative support.

19 families trained in wound care.

10 agricultural staff trained.

23 local agricultural trainees.

1 hostel constructed for agricultural collage.

19 mental workers trained.

119 church and community trained in mental health.

50 prison officers and workers trained in mental health.

2 church leader conferences attended by 602 leaders.

ca 12000 people watched the Jesus film.

tirsdag, desember 08, 2009

Patient stories

Story of twins Elise & Elise'

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