lørdag, oktober 31, 2009

Camera again.....

My camera seams to live it's one life ....now it's working again :)

onsdag, oktober 28, 2009


My camera is dead. So there wil be no pictures from my side for a while :(

onsdag, oktober 21, 2009

Fire demper

Thia is a fire damper. In case of a fire we can close them so the air don't go in to the fire. We have four of this type dampers.

My job was to take them apart and make cure that they was working properly. One of them was stuck so I just a day just to get it open. I had to yous a tap and make the treads again. So now its working fine. Now it's up to the deck department to chip the rust and paint them. They "forgot" to paint them in the shipyard wen they was new....

Tall bike.

I made my self a tall bike

I went up town and bayed two bikes and built them in to one.

Wen I was riding it on the dock everybody was leafing and pointing at me. It was very funny. Next time I will ride it up town.