lørdag, juli 25, 2009


The last weeks I have been working up in the Funnel , welding the deck. They were going to paint up there and found all this rust hole's .

It looked really good wen it was finish painted and all welded up.

There is some weak spot's so at that deck. So at some point they have to change some of the plates on the deck up there.

Casa del Papa, Benin, West Africa

We rented a cabin on the bitch from Saturday to Sunday at Casa del Papa . It's 1 1/2 our driving from Cotonou were the ship is.

It was a really good and relaxing time. With good food ,sun and whatever we needed. And it's really beautiful there.

So thank's to everyone ho was there to make that weekend so good ;)

The ship in the front of us

The ship in the front of us is an old ferry from Denmark

The ferry is built in Kristiansand Norway in 1965 at Høyvolds Mek.Verksted A/S

Now it registrated in Sao Tome a little island outside Africa on the west coast .