mandag, mai 21, 2012

Last week here.

For those ho don't know and follow my blog .
 I'm in USA taking a class of Refrigeration and air condition.  Everything is in English ofcorse and in inches ,feet and gallon .....
I have been here for three weeks now and my head is fried . School and home work taking up all my time . This upcoming week is the last week here so right now I'm studding for my final examine.

 I'm taking some holidays here before I go back to the ship.....=) I'll think I fight by Norway on the way to Togo/Africa.

s√łndag, mai 20, 2012

My laptop..

My laptop screen  don't works when I connect it to a projector .

picture taken with my laptop right now.

tirsdag, mai 08, 2012

Student again

Our classroom

onsdag, mai 02, 2012


Always good with some exercises.

tirsdag, mai 01, 2012


Ho made this English languish ??? =/


Inch ??

Foot and yard ??

First day

First day at school. I have allot to read for the next four weeks =/
( it's just hundred ore some pages to read the first day)