onsdag, oktober 29, 2008


This is the best bowling place ever in Texas.............haha. I diden't do any good thou :(

torsdag, oktober 23, 2008

We went to a contry church in Texas so I drest up as a coboy. I look more armich I think.....haha

mandag, oktober 06, 2008


The first of october we had a bonfire

torsdag, oktober 02, 2008

Zoo aand birthday

Saturday the 27 It was my birthday. So we all went to the zoo. I think we wold have gone to the zoo enyway, but I like to think that it waas for my birthday :) .

In the evening we had a party. We were playing games and eating my birthdat cake . I actually got to cake's and ice creem and much more. Thank's to ewerybody ho was there.


On friday we were going for a barbecur. We went to Nancy's place , she is one of the lider's on the gateway.

The food was so good.