mandag, mars 30, 2009


We finiched the job in the cargo hold today. A slide and railing. The slide is for sending boxes down and the railing so nobody wil fall down. They have all the medical supplies in the cargo hold

Ewery day..........

Ewery day there is a line of people ho ask for medical help here at the ship. But right now we cant see more patient. From now on they have to come back in June at the hospitality center.

søndag, mars 22, 2009


Today I have ben of work. I'm normaly of during the weekends, but yesterday I was on duty ( duty plumber ) and had to stay ombord. So today I was sleeping in, then I went for a walk in the city ho ended up by a pool at a hotel in town. After some swiming , sliping in the sun and eating chiken and rice I walked back to the ship.

onsdag, mars 11, 2009


Putting up som railing in the cargo hole. I don't normaly weld in my shorts..... ok I do somtime and I get sunburned =(

søndag, mars 01, 2009

Hospitality center

On saturday I was helping to put up some tent inside a werhouse. They are going to put in some aie con and it wil be ouer patient hotel . So the patient's will stay there for a day ore two before they come to the ship.

In the afternoon we went to a hotel to go swimming and relex by the pool.