fredag, mai 22, 2009

Africa Mercy Tour

Nurses on the Africa Mercy

torsdag, mai 14, 2009

Drain Pipe

Now I'm working on some drain pipe going from deck 8 and down to deck 7 and out of the ship. There was some pipe there before , but it did not spit the water far inof out from the ship side. So the water keep draining on the ship and mace it dirty and rusty .

onsdag, mai 06, 2009

On May 12 at 4.30 pm, a tv program about Mercy Ships will be aired on the national tv channel here in Norway, called "Frikanalen". During the course of the program an edited version of the documentary on the maritime apprentices Marius and Robert will be shown. Marius and Robert served on the Africa Mercy while docked in Monrovia, Liberia during 2007 - 08.

(for more information on this documentary, see www.lindamayk

17 year old Robert and 18 year old Marius are both maritime apprentices from Norway. Two ordinary teenagers, getting ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure. They have decided to take a year of their apprenticeship on the Africa Mercy, a hospital ship working off the coast of West Africa.