lørdag, august 29, 2009

Some batik from Togo.

This is made of Agbo Kossi ore Agbo Kosi , sometimes he yous one s and some time he yous two ss. It all deepens witch mood his in. He told us. Anyway it looks good.


I got to try a Fan Milk bike.

Two weeks ago I was in Togo . There was 17 of us , hike the highest mountain in Togo. The mountain is not very hi , only 962 meter above see level . But it was relay good to walk in the rain forest and true some small villages meting up with the local people.

The next day we were hiking in to a waterfall also true the jungle and villages.

But first some breakfast.

The last day we went for a bike ride with some locals on there bikes. It's a taxi but it's so chip . I asked if I cold drive and it was alright with him. So I was driving wail he was sitting on the back.

Then we went back to the ship again. It take us 7 ours in a small van. The border always take some time. We also had to push start the van every time we stop it. It was a grate trip . I loved every second of it.

fredag, august 28, 2009

The last weeks

This last weeks i have been working all over the ship.

like making frame for some locker's

and welding some stairs.

But now I'm back to the window wipers again.