s√łndag, november 28, 2010

Still in Africa

A little update
I'm still in Durban ,South Africa. The reason we are here is to upgrade our ship. So the last three months we have done a lot here. The shipyard are taking out six generators end replacing them with fore new MAN generators. The generators is inn ,so now its just the piping and all the cables =)

Old one going out

New one going inn.

Me and Jeff are working in the galley. First we clean out all the drains ho was filed with grease. We also made some new drain. Now we are going to fit inn some new sinks. We have done the plumbing part just waiting for the sinks to come.

4" pipe full of grease.

We also made a new deck were they have the garbage containers in the galley. Now the water drains away and they can hose down the place to clean it. Also when they get pales of food in there they can take it away with a pallet jack.