onsdag, juni 27, 2007

and for always be closed..........

Last week I closed all the water valve on B and C deck for the last time .

søndag, juni 24, 2007

Last week here in Liberia

So this is the end of an eria in my life. Friday we are sailin Anastasis to India. And from there I will fly home to Norway. I'm so sad to live here. All the pople on the ship and the orphanage and ewerybody i got to know done here.
We will not have internet on the Ship wen we sail to India so I cant post enyting here intil I'm home. We are bunkering in Durban, south Africa so if I find a E-mail cafe there I will post someting.But for now I say goodbye.............

tirsdag, juni 19, 2007

My bike..........

I haven done to much to it , just liftet it in the back an made it a litle shorter.I made side covers and a new back. I also paintet it.

I have to do someting with tha seet I think.

mandag, juni 18, 2007

my new car.............

Table and benches

On saturday Marcell and Vern brought the tables and benches to the orpanage. 30 tabels and 60 benches. That wil be grate wen everyting is redy an we can move them in to the dainingroom.

søndag, juni 10, 2007

Goost ship

Sala Victoria.

Signe's old room

It look loike a goost ship now , it's soo quiet here.


Now they are nerly finich with the floor, then it's windows and dors left.

fredag, juni 01, 2007

Sailing again...........

Now it is comfermed I'm going on the wery last sail with Anastasis. The 2.juli we are sailing the ship to India. We are sailin down and around South Africa then up to India. I dont know were in india yet.