lørdag, april 28, 2007

Div : Fatima orphanage

The schoolAs you see they need a new school ... It's open betwin the clasroom's. It's hard for the children to folow the thitching wen the is so much going on around.

In this room there is 40 children sleeping ,tree chids in each bed.

LatineWe are getting there.... I guess in two weeks time we can have the grand opning of the latrine.

Bike Projekt....

It's nice to have projekt someting to do in the evenings....there is not that much to do here in Liberia
It's just the seet and some painting left for this time. Maby I'll do some more later.

Jeff's bike

lørdag, april 21, 2007

Fatima today

torsdag, april 19, 2007


-a thing I realy like with the shiplife is when you are realy hungery and the time is 23:46 in the ewening..................NOT-

tirsdag, april 17, 2007

Africa Mercy / Anastasis

With the Africa Mercy completing sea trials, we can now look forward to its arrivl in Liberia 21 of may.

Then we wil sail Anastasis to crapyard the 23 of july.

torsdag, april 12, 2007


Tuesday they started on the dininghall....and this time I think we have the right guis for this job.

I was out there with Signe and the grup from Norway today. The children went crazy wen they sa Signe again.

Last time we was there we give them 50 $ to buy medesin (they dident have any left). So now they can start trit the chids..........smal smal as Mother Young sad. They need more medesin and vitamins.

We also bought them a beg of rise..... they dont have to much food out there. The good thing is that they hav started to grow things like casava,pepper, bananas.....and more. They have a big fild for agriculture.

tirsdag, april 03, 2007


They have starte to bild/digg the first latrin on the orpanage. I'm so happy. They are going to make two of them . Eight toalets all togeter.

søndag, april 01, 2007

Mercy ships