søndag, februar 28, 2010

My son...???

Me and Jeff ( one of the guys I work with ) took the day of on Friday. We went to town to by a telethon for Jeff . On the way back we stop for a drink on a local restaurant. The lady ho served us was an lady in the 50's I think. When she come with the drinks she asked if Jeff was my soon ?? Do we really look that much alike ??? and do I look that much older then Jeff ??

lørdag, februar 27, 2010

Then the Hospital starts up again

I'm so happy to se the first pation's ombord the ship.

Some of the pations that we can helpe

tirsdag, februar 16, 2010

Air conditioners

Thats how it goes when the air conditioners are of. Yesterday i did not sleep before 04:00 in the morning =(
If it like this tonight , I will sleep up on deck.

mandag, februar 15, 2010

Me at work

The pictures was taken for the Norwegian Mercy Ships office.

fredag, februar 12, 2010


I'm of today , so I'm going for a walk in to town. It's maby an our walk. I is sunny and over 30 degrees.

( 5 our later )

Okay , it's more then an our walking and relay hot. I did not drink enof water so I felt a little dizzy and I have a headache.

They are working on the road in to town . It was meant to be finish in December last year.

The town is like a big market . Small shops on the streets all over.

onsdag, februar 10, 2010

Lome / Togo

Yeah .... we are back in Africa . This time we are in Lome in Togo. After being i Tenerife for 6 weeks. We had a good ten days of sailing and we have seen lots of wails,dolphins and flyfich. I also saw a singer ray.

Sailing out from Tenerife.

Our new logo up on the funnel.

Me inside the new swimming pool that someone donated for the crew.
( we have still some work to do on it)

Relaxing in the bow.

We are finely there.