onsdag, juni 17, 2009

on Sunday.......

Last Sunday we were going to visit a church up in a village . The church was 100 km away from the ship so we started at 07:30 am. Nine people in a land rover for more then to hour. On the way up there my boss ho were driving asked the guy ho invited us" ho is going to speaking today ? " . He answered " you are ". So then he had to prepare a spike wail he was driving.

Wen we come to the church everybody was waiting for us. They placed us all the way in the front facing everybody . Then we had to rise up en tell over name and were we come from and what we do on the ship. After the spike there was African offering were everybody dancing up with there money. We were going outside wail they were still singing cas we were going to another church. ( we didn't know that . After 30 minutes driving we were in the next church. They were waiting us. They also placed us in the front facing the church. And we had to stand up again an tell our story. After some singing/dancing we went outside to take pictures with the church members .

Then we were going for lunch , we thoght . But first we had to wisit a nother church . They also was waiting for us. And again the same story , sit in the front ,telle the story and pictures.
Then lunch. ( Chicken and rice).

After lunch we were in a meeting with some of the local pastors . They were talking about what they were they were going with the church from there. They wanted to here our opinion on what they were doing and there vision.

Then we were going to a outdoor church service wit all the churches in the era . In the front again and the same story. We left in the beginning of the meting to go home to the ship. The time was already 18:00 pm.

20:30 we were back from church.

Long day ................but wery good . Her it is Africa time and you dont know wath you are up to before you have done it.

mandag, juni 15, 2009

Last two weeks.

The last two weeks I have mostly been standing here......... filling gas bottle of Oxygen for a cutting though. They are renewing the pilot enter ens .So then they ave to cut and some bodey have to fill the bottles .

The bottles are standing on deck 8 so this is my view. You can see that it's rainy see sen. It' not raining every day .

mandag, juni 08, 2009

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