tirsdag, september 25, 2012

Sun set.

We had a fantastic sun set yesterday.

mandag, september 17, 2012

AC room 10...again

After changing the cooling coil and some of the ducting in AC room 10.

We got more air and cooler air down to deck 2.

And sins the set point on the new Carrier is six degrees lower then last year , it's working quit well at the moment. ( specially now when it's rainy season and not to hot outside)
We still ned to do some more insolation.

The freezers

After getting 15 ton's of frozen food to the ship and people don't know how to store it. I had problems with
the compressor trying to cool down the freezer's.We trying to explain to them that they have to stack the freezer right So it could cool done as it should. (it newer happen :)  We finely eat so much food her that it started to work better again.....=/
Wen it finely start working as close to normal again someone desired to fill gas to the system. That messed it all up. I had to work the hole night to find out what was happening. Nobody told me about any filling of any gas.

So the last week I have been working on this problem.trying to get the right amount of gas and get the right TXV setting.

I don't know how many oures i have spent monitoring this system. It's working now. But not as good as it should =(

Just a quarter of a turn at the time Dave...=)

Next week WILL be better... I'm sure.

mandag, september 10, 2012

Guinea 2012 Screening

torsdag, september 06, 2012

More screening pictures.

tirsdag, september 04, 2012

Screening day.

This was a fantastic day at the screening. I was there the hole day. thousands of people showed up.
This Wednesday the first pations is coming to the ship. Then everything starts up again =)

( if you look realy cloce on the picture you will find me )

søndag, september 02, 2012


Tomorrow is the surgery screening here in Conakry.

This is some of what we are gone do this year.

Everything is ready for tomorrow.

All the chairs are empty and the careening side is weary quiet at the moment.When we come her at four a clock there was a wedding going on and a concert that we did not now about. So not everything went after our plans. But everything turned out good in the end =)

I will be back their at 06:00 in the morning for security.When I left there at 22:00 tonight there was already people in line waiting.