tirsdag, desember 26, 2006

Mercy Ships

Introduction to Mercy Ships

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fredag, desember 22, 2006

wather plant Monrovia

I was working here two day a week from jan 06 to the end of may 06.
klik on the link below.
We are going back to Liberia In februar 07 so then we ar going to continu on the water plant.

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onsdag, desember 06, 2006


On monday 11. des I'm going home for christmas. I going for 4 weeks , so the 10. of jan 07 I'll be back on the ship. I have ben here for 14 monts strait so it wil be grate. Hope to see some family and friends and hopfuly go skiing.
I have now clew for ho long I wil stay wen I go back to Tema,Ghana. I know we are sailing to LIberia in feb/martch somtime. After that I dont know nothing. I'll see hove loong my bank akont alowes me to bee :)

s√łndag, desember 03, 2006

My newest toy

A cart for the children on the Kinder Paradise.
A pice of art made by me.
I went to the orphanage today of two resens. The first was to se howe the cart was working. But the main resen was to meet a girl . She have a problem with her right arm. It get burnd wen she was wery young. She is now holding her arm up to her cest and dont youse it.
Last time I was out there I was talking with here and I tryed to se wat was wrong with the arm. The arm sims ok.But she is so youst to not youse the arm that it become wery week. And now it become stif.
I made some weight's for here to lift and to helpe here to stretch the arm. I lerner here some exercise to do.
I wil go out there next week to see howe it goes.