fredag, mai 31, 2013

Sad to leave

It will be sad to leave Guinea ..... I've got so many good friends here. I got my second family here at the local place I go every night. At lest twenty people I know by name and hart there. And most of them have bean my guest on the ship. I'm so thankful that they let me be a part of there daily life.It's been a special year, so many good people and so many storeys.

If they ewer new how much I will miss this, to sit there and observe ,listen to there storeys ,telling about my life and experience, dance to ho ewer wane dance.

One day I will be back here =)

søndag, mai 26, 2013

Last week here.

Last week of this fealdservis coming up. It's strange to belief that we have been her for ten months already.
It's bean a lot of work.this spring. Mainly making ducting pipes for the air condition ombord. (the old pipes is rotten away). I also done some work on the reefer compressor for the freezer's.
After work I normaly go of the ship meeting up with local friends that I got to know here.So it vill be hard to leav them beind. But life most go on , a new seasen is comming. We are sailing to Gran Canaria and shipyardfor maintenes before sailng down to Congo Brazevil were we wil continue serving the pore and neady.
Sorry no pictures this time =( I got robbed last Tuesday on the dock. It was poring down raining and the power was out, so no light. Two guys comming up to me ,one holding my arms the the other one went in my pocket and got my camera.They got scerd wen I was screaming for help and run away . I run after them for some time but I lost them (it's not always easy to se the African's in the night)
So there my camera went with all my latest pictures =(