lørdag, juli 14, 2007

Cape Town

Hi you all !!

Now we are in Cape Town . It's taken forewer to get here.We hhave had loots of problems with engen. For tree days we was just drifting aroud eqvator , waiting for a tanker to come with disel. The boiler stoped working so we culden youce the havy fule we bunkerd in Monrovia.

But ewerybody it's ok we just have to take one day at the time.

I miss ewerybody so much the ship is so quiet without all the pople Hope you all are fine in Liberia . And I spesaly miss the the orphanage ,all the chids just have them around me aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh I have to come back some time.

We docked i Cape Town this morning to get more fule , wqater am maby fix the boiler ( we ned a pump)