mandag, februar 23, 2009

Mercy Ships Screening Day - Cotonou, Benin 2009

I was a guard her at the screening for two days. It was realy hot standing in the sun al day. But it was real good to be there, To see all the pation's we can help. more then 4000 people was in the line .

tirsdag, februar 10, 2009

We finaly arived

Cotonou , Benin

After some problems with one of the engens yesterday , we had to stay on ancher until today. They fixed the problem so no we are docked.

Can't wayt to go of the ship and see wath's there.
The biggest problem for me it's the language, French. I hope to lern some wen I'm her. So maybe after the ten month's we are her ........... I can aredy count to two =)

lørdag, februar 07, 2009


my cabin for the sail

It's just two days left then we are in Benin. We have been sailing sisn last Saturday . It's been a nice sail with loots of dolfins ,wails ,flying fiches and seeturtels.

tirsdag, februar 03, 2009

buy buy Tenerife................

Africa here we come