onsdag, mars 28, 2007

Fatima orphanage

This is the orphanage we was workin with last year wen we was in Liberia.We will continu this year. First we wil fiks the cafeteria so they can youse it. We have to make a roof,windows,doors ans floor. Also we are putting up a latrine.The old one its no good eny more it's nerly faling apart.

Thats the thing we are doing .
My best friend Signe ho was here last year have fondet mony for this projekt's

We also wane bild a school (six clasroms)and more rooms for the children. The school they have now it's just a roof and som palm lives as wals.In one of the bedroom for the boys there are nerly 50 chids. Three chids in each bed.Al togeter there is 164 chids.So if we got money we will bild all of that.
Here you se Mother Young ho runs the orphanage. She is 75 yers , she started up in 1971
This is the caeteria after the storm on monday
.....the rainy sesen is coming up........
So if anybody wane help fonding this projekt, contakt me so we can arange someting.

søndag, mars 11, 2007

Some amazing storis from the ship

søndag, mars 04, 2007

Back in Liberia................

It's so grate to be back here in Liberia. I havent been out to much yet but just the feeling to be her , It's amacing.