mandag, august 29, 2011


Was out driving the other day with some friends , exploring. We drove a back rout outside Freetown. Its so beautiful here.

and some history.

onsdag, august 24, 2011


This week I'm working on deck 2 hallway. Welding a ramp to the deck. It yous to be a concrete ramp but it always brake . we have to paint the rest of the deck also.....=/

tirsdag, august 23, 2011


last week I put up a wall in a staircase to cower some damage inculcation .

We don't have more of the thin plate so we have to wait with the rest of the room.

fredag, august 12, 2011

Christmas pressent

In the year 2004 I got a waffle maker for Christmas. I brought it to the Anastasis in 2005 we used it for the Scandinavian nights. But when I left to go to India with the Anastasis, I left the waffle maker with Johan Petur from Faroe Islands. He had it on the Africa Mercy until he left the ship in 2008. Then he give it to Lena & Lars Kristensen (Sweden/Denmark). They capt it til they was leaving and gave it to the Tvedt family. They left this year so now I got it back =)

lørdag, august 06, 2011


Traffic in Freetown on a good day =)