tirsdag, juni 26, 2012

Back to work.

Jeff and chief Pet trying to figur out where to start.

We are tacking out all the pipes so we can get the new air condition units in.

The carrier sistem that was instaled in Durban two yeare ago feiled ,so next week we go to dry dock i Las Palmas. The shipyard will take out the old sistem and instal in the new. We do all the pipes.

søndag, juni 24, 2012

Last day of sail.

I'm a litle bit sunburned after laying in the sun all day.

This have been werry good sail. Hope it will be a litle bit more ruf next time.

lørdag, juni 23, 2012

We geting closer to Tenerife

What we did in Togo this year

lørdag, juni 16, 2012

Somebodey have to drink coffee also.

Bye bye Togo for this time.

onsdag, juni 13, 2012

Finally back on the ship after seven weeks. I had a great time in US with friends and on the course.It was really good to be home in Norway . To meet up with friends and family.I realise that i  miss my family when I'm away.I also went to a reunion at a school I went to in the 80's back in Norway. So much fun to meet up with old friends.( I miss them already ).

Here the ship is almost empty, most of the crew have left. There are no patients left and all we do is packing up and make the ship ready to sail.

I have not been of the ship much sins i come back.There are protests in the city, so we  not aloud to go anywhere . I do not really know what happens. There is so many people I wold like to meet up with before we sail and that's already on Friday, I think.

tirsdag, juni 12, 2012


Back on the ship in Togo.

onsdag, juni 06, 2012

After having completed the course , I had nine-day holiday here on the East Coast of US.It was a grate time meating up with friends. I also saw Baltimore, New York and DC Woshingthon.
(Barack was nowhere to be found)

Eleni picked me up at the school. I stayed with here and helped her move apartment that weekend.

In New York I stayed with Robin in Brooklyn.

In DC i meet up with Bennett , he drive me to the airport.
I have so many good friends around the world =)=)