torsdag, august 19, 2010

We are sailing .............

So far the sail have been very good. I have seen wail ,fly fish and more then 200 dolphins at the same time =)

fredag, august 13, 2010

Time to leav again

Ok it's time to leav again, everything is packt up and secured.

It's been a good six months here.

The thing Im going to miss tha most here is the orphanage and the kids there.

Next stop is Durban South Africa .We are getting some new generator's. So the next fore monts it will be shipyard.

mandag, august 09, 2010


Finely we did the job. There is been four pies for the cold water for air condition .They have been sweeting allot of water , so there have always been water on the deck in the staircase. The problem was that the pipes was inside the wall . So it was hard to get to an isolate. But now the job is don and now more water on the deck =)