lørdag, april 17, 2010

I love it...

Maison Bethel

I just come back from an orphanage. Its so much fun to play with the kids there. They are so thankful that we are coming every Saturday. I think we love it more then them .

fredag, april 09, 2010

Moving from the getto ....................

Up to a single cabin on deck 4 ( with air condition and bathroom =).

They already made the bed and put the name on the door for the next person in my old cabin.

So....welcome to my cabin Merete ....

torsdag, april 08, 2010

Fuel line.

Today me and Jeff have been working on a fuel line pipe. We started the Job three weeks ago but we always got interrupted of other jobs . So now we can finely go back to that pipe.

Now its just to connect the two pieces with a long pipe going threw two bulk heads. That mens a lot of cutting also.

This pipe goes down to a fuel tank and its for metering the fuel level. The pipe ho was there before had a gap between a connecting pipe so the sounding rod got stuck. They had to cut it to get it out.

This is for a different system . A new pipe was welded in to an old line.The old line is now longer in yous.
Jeff cut the old pipe and welded on a cap so that we can clean out the pipe if we need to.

The pipe to the right is the one he cut out . Its solid with dirt ( from old toalets =)

lørdag, april 03, 2010


Today I have been at an orphanage . We left the ship at 09:00 and drove to the place ho is ca 30 min away from the ship.I realy like to go there to get to know the kids . It's so much fun to play with them. They are so thankful that we are coming. I got to try some local food (black beens with casavaroot)....interesting...
Thenks to ewerybody ho was there to day. It made ny day